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Broken Realm: Open Beta has launched

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Broken RealmR2Games has launched Broken Realm - A Crystal Saga Chronicle's open beta yesterday with the first server called "Frost Highland". The browser based MMORPG features the story of the capital city of Everglade being under continuous threat from multiple enemies. Prince Rycroft, a powerful man who acts as King of all Vidalia. Players will be trying to defend the city and the king himself. Continue reading for first details and a set of new screen-shots.


Broken Realm - New Browser Based MMORPG in 2013

Broken Realm is the first new browser based MMORPG in 2013. And it's developed and published by R2Games, the company we know from games like Wartune and Crystal Saga. Broken Realm's story is about warriors trying to defend the city of Everglade and the King Rycroft. While the city itself is mostly stable, constant threats from rival claimants and enemy outlying lands has led to constant battle and a need for a steady stream of warriors ready to support the claims of King Rycroft and bring stability back to the realm. As you will find out in the opening minutes of the MMORPG, not many people believe that King Rycroft deserves to be the king. And what's better than thousands of warriors to defend him and show the rest that he has an army to defend him at all costs. This is how Broken Realm begins. [Broken Realm First Look Video]

Broken Realm Character Creation

The free MMORPG looks a lot like other games from R2Games; the maker of Wartune and Crystal Saga. They even call it "A Crystal Saga Chronicle" but I found it very similar to Wartune. For a minute you might think like you are playing Wartune. It looks a lot better than Wartune tho. The animations are better and you can notice the visual difference between the two games. 

Here are some Broken Realm screenshots for now but we will be playing the game a lot more in the next couple of weeks for a full review. You can go to Broken Realms website and register now and see it yourself.


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