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Bullet Run Closes March 8th

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Bullet Run closing in MarchOnly three months ago, we reviewed Bullet Run, Sonly Online Entertainment's shooter game. We didn't think it was spectacular but it was a decent shooter with fantastic level design, interesting TV show premise and perfectly smooth controls it offered. No matter what we think, or what the fans do, SOE is closing down the game next month. Continue reading for the announcement and details of the Grand Finale.


Bullet Run closes with Grand Finale next month

It's definitely not easy for us to report on games closing down. If you think about it, the effort put into a game by its developers is never less than a work of at least 18 months. Imagine that you are the developer and your beloved game is shutting down. Well, that's how the devs at Acony Games must be feeling like today. SOE and Acony Games have taken a mutual decision to close down Bullet Run. 

Now I don't know if SOE is closing Bullet Run because it was not popular or if they just cared for Planetside 2 as a shooter game from now on but they haven't given any specific grounds of this decision. 

If you have a platinum membership, SOE will process refunds to credit cards from today. So there won't be any loss for players in terms of money but considering the shooters that are still live today, I don't know how a game like Bullet Run is closing. SOE will also have a special event in March, a Grand Finale. One last goodbye to Bullet Run, here is our own gameplay review of the shooter. If you've been playing Bullet Run, as it's closing soon, you may look at other Shooter Games here->


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