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Koram to release a new WWII strategy game

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Checkmate is a browser based strategy gameKoram Game has announced its upcoming World War II strategy game "Checkmate". By 1939, European countries were at war and it was a time of superpowers and super-villains, a time when courage and determination could be a life and death decider. Continue reading for first details. We will also have a closed beta keys giveaway for the game mid April.


Checkmate - upcoming World War II strategy game

Browser based World War II strategy game "Checkmate" is the upcoming MMO from Koram Game. The game will feature historical battles, famous generals and classic weaponry as players battle for cities in Europe. 

We will be having a Closed Beta giveaway for this new browser based Strategy game, so subscribe below to get notified when it's available.

Checkmate closed beta keys giveaway at DevilsMMO soon

Checkmate Closed Beta keys giveaway will be at soon

Checkmate players will find themselves, transported back to World War II, where by using the right combination of strategies and tactics they can defeat their enemies, capture cities and win the war.

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