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Close look at LoL's Kha'Zix the Voidreaver

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Quick movements and invisibility comes together to make the new champion "Kha'Zix" in League of Legends. If you are a fan of melee assassins, you must watch this new spotlight video Riot Games released for Kha'Zix. The special ability of Kha'Zix is that he can evolve during a match by adding to his four abilities. His stealth ability and speed is his greatest advantages. Read on to learn abilities and tactics for Kha'Zix. 


Kha'Zix The Voidreaver Spotlight Video shows abilities

Kha'Zix is a fast and stealth champion that can evolve during a match. His abilities are Unseen Threat which explains his invisibility, Taste Their Fear which he can evolve upon with a pair of claws to increase the range of this ability.

Kha'Zix' third abilit is Void Spike. Void spike is fantastic if you are surrounded by enemies. It does the biggest damage to the enemy that it hits directly but the surrounding foes receive damage as well. It also heals Kha'Zix if he is in the explosion. If Kha'Zix evolve this ability, then he can fire three sets of spikes in a cone. 

Leap doesn't really look like an efficient ability. When used, Kha'Zix jumps and damages all enemies he lands near. However, this means, he is even closer to the enemies and it may expose him to close range counter-attacks. But it gets wild when Kha'Zix evolves this ability. When evolved, Leap ability can be used as a long range attack and Kha'Zix can jump in a row with the instant cool-down. 

Kha'zix's ultimate is the Void Assault. When this ability is activated Kha'Zix puts out the real show. He briefly stealths and moves even faster and the ability can be used two times in a row before a cool-down. And I am sure you can imagine; When it's evolved, Kha'Zix can use Void Assault three times in a row without a cool-down. 

Kha'Zix with the ability to evolve abilities looks to be a pretty decent champion. For more strategies and early game tactics for Kha'Zix, watch the video. 


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