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Colonies Online: Sci-Fi MMORPG announced

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colonies onlineIron Bit, an indie developer has just announced a new Sci-Fi MMORPG "Colonies Online". Colonies Online is a game that allows players to discover galaxies and then build their own colonies out of nothing. The game includes classic strategy and Sci-Fi elements and approaches the genre differently by  going with philosophy of “Everything in the game is created by players themselves”. It's also a combination of a shooter and a strategy game. Read on for first details and watch the debut trailer.


Colonies Online

Sci-Fi strategy MMOs have failed to impress me for a long time. Every single game I have played has been pretty much the same game. Today, a group of independent developers, Iron Bit has announced its first Sci-Fi MMO game "Colonies Online". While the game consists of the generic strategy elements, such as building a colony on a planet and then expanding from there, research new technologies, gain new skills, develop professions and attack other colonies... While these may not attract you instantly, the game still has a few features that sounds promising. Apart from the strategy elements, the game also offers shooter action, as you can take one character and attack enemies. Check out the trailer and screenshots below, some of the locales really look beautiful. I will personally keep an eye on this game. 

According to the developers, in-game items will be made by players, using the game's advanced crafting system. There will be a tree of professions and skills also determined by players. These two features may turn this game into a decent one if it's done right. In-game items, skills, professions have been three of the limiting factors of the genre itself. If Iron Bit can come up with a really sophisticated system that helps each player differentiate themselves from the rest, this can be an interesting game. There is the open PvP mode that we don't know much about yet but the developer promises large-scale battles which is only great for an MMO. 

Some of the other features of the game are:

- one universe composed of a great number of planets;
- game field of a planet is measured in thousands square kilometres;
- character shooter control top-side view;
- free construction on planet surface;
- flexible system of character skill development;
- open PvP mode;
- opportunity to participate in large-scale battles.

You may visit the game's official site for more information and join the early test.

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