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Conquer a Planet in Dust 514

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Dust 514 expansionsCCP has revealed the details of Dust 514's upcoming expansion. The new update is going to introduce the planetary conquest where Dust 514 players will get involved with more of New Eden. Dust 514 player corporations are going to be able to conquer districts on planets in an effort to conquer the entire planet afterwards. This battle for planets will get Eve Online players involved as they will be able to provide aerial support to troops battling on the ground. Read on for the details of this expansion coming later this year.


Conquer a Planet in Dust 514

Dust 514 and Eve Online's link is absolutely fantastic. It's also great that the team behind Eve Online is already working on expansion for Dust 514. And today's reveal of the next expansion for Dust 514 is about planetary conquest.

Dust 514 player corporations will be able to conquer districts on planets. From 5 to 24, there will be a number of districts on each temperate planet and these districts will be serving as a backbone for a player corporation. On the district, corporations are going to be building their own infrastucture, consisting of a Cargo Hub, a Production Facility and a Research Lab. All these building will increase the amount of clone storage.

So what are clones? Player corporations will use clones to defend their districts as they try to conquer more. The initial supply of clones will be provided by the Genolution Corporation and they will help each corporation to expand onto other worlds. Once a player corp. has too many clones, they will be able to sell the extra. Battles in a district will be located around the infrastructure upgrades so it's going to be vital for Dust 514 players to learn how to defend and attack.

Eve Online and Planetary Conquest

So how exactly Eve Online players will get involved? They will be able to provide orbital support from above districts and hunt enemies from above. So you will also have to defend your troops on the ground... 

This is also going to be incredible to play and watch when this new expansion comes later this year. We will have more on Dust 514's upcoming expansion and Planetary Conquest in the coming weeks.



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