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Crossfire Gets New Maps, Skins and Weapons

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New Hero Mode X maps for CrossfireHighly popular shooter game Crossfire has got a new update that adds two new vacation-themed maps as well as new layer skins specifically designed for these two maps! The two new skins; female Ranger and the demonic Havoc are now available for players who are looking for something unique. The update includes new weapons and Resort HMX and the Carnival HMX maps, which all you can see in the latest screen-shots.


Crossfire's latest update adds new maps, skins and weapons

Shooter games are fun, until you are sick and tired of seeing the same content. Same maps, same game modes, same weapons and same looks. It was not a problem back in the old days of Counter Strike 1.5 but with all the MMOFPS games available today, players look for fresh content, extraordinary maps, new technology weapons and innovative game modes. We all want fast paced action but it also means fast consumption of new content. This is exactly why developers of shooter games need to create new content more frequently than other genres. 

Crossfire new hero mode maps 1

Crossfire's developers seem to be right on track with new content. The game already has ten game modes which is a lot for shooters. And this new update is about the game's popular game mode: Hero Mode X. 

JT Hwang, producer of CrossFire for G4BOX said: “Hero Mode X is one of our most popular game modes in CrossFire, and we felt the time was right to give the players a new way to play this survival-of-the-fittest team game. The maps offer a little something for everyone, with long corridors, sniper nests, speed power ups and multiple hiding spots. Add to that the two new player skins and we feel that this update will be one of the most popular we’ve done to date.”

Aside from the new maps and players skins, CrossFire's new update added several new weapons. The new KSG15 is a dual-tube, double-feed pump-action 12 gauge shotgun can be purchased in game-store. There are also three new variant weapons at the game shop including the M60E3 crew machine gun.

New Hero Mode X map - Amusement Park





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