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Cryptic Show New Starships in STO

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Kumari classStar Trek Online has got new players ships. Cryptic Studios has just released a new trailer that quickly shows us these new dominion, new mirror, new fleet ships as well as new Andorian escorts. The new ships include the new Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier, Mirror Universe Patrol Escort, Fleet Retrofit and the all new Andorian Kumari Escort. Continue reading for the trailer and complete list of new ships.


Star Trek Online: New Ships available

Star Trek Online players have been asking for it and if you remember Dan Stahl's developer diary posts, he had already announced the production of several new starships. And yesterday, Crytpic has introduced the new player starships in Star Trek Onine with a short video.

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In this new video you can see all new starships:

New Dominion Ships

  1. Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier: This starship offers great firepower as well as unique consoles to improve coordination with ally ships. This Escort carrier was designed after the end of the Dominion War and it is designed to support Jem'Hadar warriors. 
  2. Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier: This massive ship was also designed during the Dominion War and it was one of the most powerful ships ever. Its mass is more than twice the mass of a federation Galaxy Class starship and it comes with 2 hangar bays of Jem'Hadar Fighters. It is capable of analyzing an enemy's weakness and pass this information to surrounding ally ships. 

New Mirror Ships

  1. Mirror Universe Patrol Escort: This is like the Prime Universe Advanced Escort but it sports more engineering advantage in the Bridge Office Seating and console. With a crew capacity of 200 and hull strength of 31,000, it is a very good option.
  2. Mirror Universe Advanced Escort: The advanced Escort is also like the Prime Universe Advanced Escort but it has the science advantage in the Bridge Office Seating and console. 150 crew capacity and it can equip cannons and its base turn rate is 16 degrees/second.
  3. Mirror Universe Vo'quv Carrier: is a mirror ship for Klingon Faction. It's a very large carrier with 42,000 hull strength and 4000 crew capacity as well as 3 Fore and 3 Aft weapons. 

New Fleet Ships

  1. Fleet Retrofit: The Yamaguchi class Federation ship is a variant of the Ambassador Class Cruiser and it's been designed to support your Fleet. It's got increased Hull HP and shield strength. 
  2. Fleet Kamarag Battle Cruiser Retrofit: This K'maj variant of the Kamarag Battle Cruiser is also a support ship and it has increased Hull HP and Shield Strength as well as an additional console slot. 4 Fore and 4 Aft weapons and 3 device slots and a Lieutenant Universal Station make this one a perfect support ship.

New Androian Escorts

  1. Andorian Escort - Kumari Class is now available for Federation Faction. Kumari was the first ship of its class and of its time, it was more advanced than Earth's vessels. The Kumari line is an improvement over the original Kumari design. The ship is best with its damage dealing, in other words it is great offensively but lacks defensive power. Some players call it a Glass Cannon for that.
  2. Charal Class
  3. Khyzon Class
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