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DC Universe Online has 11 Million Registered Users

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DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online is a great MMORPG. Its action elements and the ability to create your own hero based upon some of the most famous fictional archetypes ever is too hard to pass up. And that's not just me saying that. SOE have today revealed that more than a few people would agree with me...

If you wondered why DC Universe Online was getting a PS4 release, look no further than the 11 million people playing it.

This was revealed in an Gamasutra interview with DC Universe Online producer Jens Anderson.

He also spoke at about how going free-to-play helped them out and how they structured it in such a way that they've ended up still being profitable.

"We had to figure out a way to adapt some of the conventions of how you progress through a subscription-based game to justify monthly subscription as opposed to going to a free-to-play model with some microtransactions and premium membership strategies, so it was really challenging, because our content progression, everything was built with a different model in mind.

"Basically, what we did is we came up with our 'Legendary' model: You can still pay a subscription fee to become a Legendary member, and that gives you access to all the DLC, features and benefits and perks -- you get Station Cash every month that you can use to buy convenience items and vanity items on the marketplace -- but you also have unlimited in-game cash access, more character slots and inventory slots, all kinds of things to make the game more convenient for you. But free-to-play players still have access to all the same stuff that Legendary members do."

That wasn't all though. They had a specific vision for the free-to-play version of the game, and that's that they didn't want to punish people that decided not to pay:

"We wanted people to have access to the entire game -- everything. All of our launch content, I should say. That was important to us; we didn't want to have to say, 'Well, you hit level 14, time to pay now.' Or do this 'poke-you-in-eye strategy' to annoy you until you sub up or give us some money or purchase something. We wanted to make it more like, 'If you like this game a lot, and you want to dedicate more time to it -- not pay-to-win, but dedicate more time to it, and front-load that time and progression, you can do that through various means. Otherwise, if you want to play it for free, you'd go at the pace that the game determines for you."

Whatever your view of free-to-play games, and specifically DC Universe Online, it's hard not to say that they handled things especially well, better than perhaps any other subscription to free-to-play conversion in the industry. It doesn't look like it'll be going anywhere soon.

What do you think?

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