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DC Universe Online: Home Turf Is Live

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Home Turf dlc is now liveDC Universe Online heroes are getting their own lair today. The new DLC "Home Turf", that is free for the game's Legendary members, has gone live and those who purchased the content pack will have access to two lair themes as well as four other lair themes available for purchase in the Marketplace. Home Turf also introduce high level missions available at four iconic locations. While all these premium features are great, SOE hasn't forgotten about f2p players. Continue reading for the latest screenshots and the launch trailer.


DC Universe Online's Home Turf Is Available Now

How much would you be willing to pay for a DLC. To be honest, I don't like purchasing DLC's unless they offer something unique, and something that would make a drastic change to the gameplay. DC Universe Online's latest DLC "Home Turf" is that kind of a content pack. Home Turf doesn't only add new missions for higher level players, it introduces the Player Lairs. Imagine your own Lair, that you can customize the way you want. This is the type of a DLC that I care for.

DC Universe Online Home Turf Screenshot 1

With home turf, every hero should get a lair, says the game's creative director Jens Andersen. He also said: “The introduction of Lair PvP Battles also adds an entirely new level of action to the game, allowing players to thrash opponents in these new round-based duels... as a way for gamers to express themselves through customization or to seek tactical advantage in combat, Lairs are rewarding for both heroes and villains.”

The fun part is that you can even collect new items as you complete missions, and use these items to further customize your new Lair. The Marketplace offers four additional lair themes as well. DC Universe Online's Lairs are not just a visual element, they also come with a Mainrame where players can unlock new abilities. Orbital Strike, Supply Drops powerful new Mods are all for players to unlock when they get their own Lair.

DC Universe Online Home Turf Screenshot 2

You may be worried about these if you are a free player. Well, it looks like the developers have not forgotten about you either. There is a low rent version of a Lair called a "Hideout" that is now available for all players of the game. DLC's are great but they often intimidate free to play members. In this case, at least the developers are offering something to all players. Enjoy the screenshots and the new launch trailer.

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