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Defiance: Meet The Scrappers

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The ScrappersHave you had the chance to test Defiance? If not, you should. This is not to say that it's worth playing. On the contrary, I have to admit that I didn't particularly enjoy playing Defiance. It's still a title worth looking at, even for the sake of curiosity...MMO game based on a TV Series is not something we get to play everyday. The latest Defiance trailer showcases the Scrappers. Read on to find out more on the Scrappers, including their weak parts in the new trailer.


The Scrappers - New Defiance Trailer

The Scrappers are hostile robots made of scrap metal and salvage technology by a higher artificial intelligence. This comes directly from our Enemy Intel reports in Defiance. For more on the Scrappers, watch this quick intel video.

Find out more on Scrappers and see how they look like, where you can find them and why the Intel suggests that they are probably constructed by a more advanced AI. The Intel will also give you some hints on Scrappers' weak parts and tell you how you should attack them in a battle.

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