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Defiance: See yourself in the TV Show

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DefianceI always thought Defiance was something special with its link to and its synchronized launch with the TV Show. It's all got much more interesting as Trion Worlds and SyFy have started to give players, Ark Hunters, a chance to join the Ark Salvage and Most Wanted contest and show themselves in an upcoming episode of Defiance. Continue reading to learn how you can see yourself in the TV Show.


From game to TV Show

Have you ever fantasized about showing off with your shooter skills to a wider crowd and not just the game community? There is your chance to do this for the first time in the history of MMO games. Defiance the MMO shooter is giving the best Ark Hunters (players) a chance to see themselves in the next episode of Defiance.

Defiance Diary

From April 29th to May 12th, if you can earn the most Ark Salvage per hour and complete both Most Wanted pursuits, artists from the Defiance TV Show are going to render your likeness into a special place in the next episode of Defiance. This crazy idea is incredible but this takes a lot of dedication and it's absolutely impossible unless you play the game whenever you're awake! Once again, it's Ark Salvage per hour and not just the total! Somebody's gonna do this but I am sure the artists will need to hide his puffy eyes first. You can sign up here.

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