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Defiance update: Plague announced

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Defiance Plague updateDefiance has a new game update, that is unfortunately bringing in a mysterious illness to San Francisco. And if ark hunters can't stop it in time, this disease will make its way to the town of Defiance in no time. The update is a crossover event and in the Defiance episode to be aired on June 17th, and it will mention the spreading infection. Read on to see the screenshots, trailer and the details of this update.


Defiance may easily become one of the historic MMO games of a decade. Trion Worlds has created a fantastic game based on a decent Sci-Fi TV Series (I am holding my horses to call it a classic yet). And the whole idea of connecting the TV Show with the game has been there since the get-go. And it looks like Trion Worlds is going to keep its promise delivering new content that repeats that kind of synergy.

Defiance infections in Plague

Today, we have the latest news on the upcoming game update for Defiance: The Plague. The Plague is live as of now and we ark hunters can discover the new content. San Francisco's resident has been afflicted with the infection and we need to find a cure before it reaches Defiance. Between June 10 and 17th, The Plague Sieges and 8 new emergencies, 2 new pursuits, a new data recorder and all new missions will be accessible.

Defiance new game update "Plague"

Defiance Plague will feature a new game mode: The Plague Sieges

On June 17th, in Defiance TV Show, doctor Doc Yewlll will be sending a distress call to another doctor in the Bay Area who might have a cure for the infection. We will find out more in the show but you can now logon and start fighting the infection. Enjoy the screenshots and make sure you help fight the infection. Defiance needs you!

Defiance Plague screenshot 1

Plague trailer

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