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Dust 514: Planetary Conquest Gets Updated

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Dust 514 update incomingDust 514 and Eve Online has been hosting a planetary conquest for only a little while but it's already time for updates as this sophisticated and complex feature needs special attention from the developers. That's for sure. Today, we're going to check out the latest developer blog post by CCP that discusses the upcoming changes to Dust 514 gameplay. Read on for the details.


Dust 514 - Gameplay Update on its way

There has been hot discussions over at Dust 514 website over some of the core gameplay features of the game. Following the discussions and feedback, CCP has revealed its plans for the upcoming Dust 514 update. The upcoming update involves design changes to the Planetary Conquest as well as clone generation rates and start pack features.

Let's start with the balance between defender and attacker roles in Planetary Conquest. A defender was getting 20% of the remaining clones in case of victory before. CCP is aiming to change that to give players an incentive to attack more often. Attackers who used to get nothing will now win 50% of the clones that would have been generated. Defender's winnings have been increased up to 50% as well. For instance, if you attack and win, you will receive 50 extra clones from a facility that generated 100 clones.

Dust 514 planetary conquest update

Another change is regarding the District State capturing terms. Before the update, if a player had captured a district, he was able to unlock it and make any changes as he wished. Following this new update, district will be locked upon capture. The new corporation won't be able to change the district at all. This is a major change.

Another big change is great news for the players. CCP who knows from experience with Eve Online, is changing something that's troubling players. With Dust 514, it was about buying clone starter packages from Genolution. Players will now be able to buy as many as they want and grab as many districts they can hold (and protect). This is going to be very interesting to see as I am sure many players will be impatient to try hold too many districts...

There are also new Eve bonuses for owning districts. These are 

  • A bonus to the manufacturing time of Player Owned Starbase (POS) around that planet.
  • A bonus to the fuel consumption of POS around that planet.
  • A bonus to Planetary Interaction (PI) output on that planet.

That's it for our summary of this upcoming Dust 514 update. You can find all the details of the update over at Dust 514 blog.


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