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Ecol Tactics: Trailer Revealed

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ecol tactics onlineIt's one of my favorite genres but we don't get to play too many turn based MMOs.  GamesCampus' is offering one in its upcoming browser based strategy MMO game. Today, the publisher has revealed the first teaser trailer of the MMO showcasing its isometric graphics which takes us back to the 90s with its pixel art characters. Check out the brand new trailer when you read on.


See the new Ecol Tactics Teaser Trailer

I am a huge fan of turn based strategy games. It gives you the chance to enjoy the strategy elements of a game without worrying about your mouse sensitivity level or your internet connection problems. The winner is decided by strategic decisions and not reaction time. It's not only about online games either. I have always enjoyed turn based games. I can't forget Monolith's Odium for instance. It was one heck of a turn based single player game. It's why I am always excited when I hear about a new turn based game. 

Ecol Tactics Online was recently announced by GamesCampus and since then I had my eyes on it. Today, they have released this brand new teaser trailer which shows the game's isometric graphics with the pixel art characters. 

It's not the best looking game and maybe not the turn based strategy game for all but it's certainly something I am looking forward to playing. So if you are also a fan of the genre, check out this teaser trailer. Subscribe below if you want to receive updates on Ecol Tactics in your e-mail.

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