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Elsword: Code Electra class introduced

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Elsword Code ElectraAction MMO game Elsword's transformation is nowhere near completion. Today, Killercombo has announced the transformation of another class. This time it's the popular character Eve getting attention from the developers. The new Code Electra class gives Eve more arsenal of weapons, new looks and abilities. Read on for the full details of the new class Code Electra along with its brand new trailer and screen-shots.


Elsword's new class: Eve "Code Electra"

Elsword has a new class and it's Eve who is getting the new looks and abilities. Code Electra is the new class in the Transformation series. Eve has always been one of the popular characters in Elsword and the queen of a lost robotic race looks nicer and better with new abilities.

Aside from the new looks, Eve also has new weapons such as the new laser beam. 

A new ability allows Eve to focus mystical energy into a wide array of deadly laser attacks. Meanwhile the new El Spectrum ability gives Eve the power to switch between different modes to change Eve's laser beams behavior.

Eve Code Electra

Click the image to play Elsword

With all these new abilities, Eve becomes a stronger character that can use alternating laser attacks and widen or tighten her beam attacks whatever she needs. This gives her the flexibility to deal with different enemies, turning into a more versatile character. Check out her brand new trailer below as well as a new set of screens.

Eve Code Electra Screenshots

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