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Elsword: Valentine's day bonuses

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Elsword Valentine's dayValentine's day is surely full of surprises for the MMO gamers, well at least for those who choose to play MMO games tomorrow... Elsword players will find special bonuses and rewards when they get chocolates and staple including heart shaped boxes. There are also random rewards and special GM events waiting for you in Elsword.



Another MMORPG, Elsword is joining the Valentine's day celebrations as its devs have lined up a series of surprises for gamers. When players logon tomorrow and until Feb 21st, they will see Valentine's themed items, special date-a-GM events and rewards for some of the in-game items. The rewards are in form of extra health and Valentine's day themed free items.

Apart from the random items and rewards, players who take on the special Valentine's day at the dungeons will receive rewards for gathering milk and chocolate from dungeons.

For gamers with a sweet tooth, non-playable character (NPC) Ariel will offer handmade chocolates in exchange for ingredients. To get some of Ariel’s powerful treats and heal full HP and MP, players are tasked with gathering milk and chocolate from dungeons. As tales of Ariel’s potent chocolates spread, fellow NPCs Lowe and Anna also want to get in on the action. Gamers willing to bring some sweets to Ruben Village, where Lowe and Anna reside, will be handsomely rewarded with a limited-edition Valentine item by the generous duo.

Source: Elsword official announcement

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