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Fiesta players spent 146 million hours

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Fiesta celebrate 4th year

Outspark is celebrating the 4th year anniversary of the popular MMO game, Fiesta Online. While they celebrate it with special events such as MVP forum events, they have also revealed some interesting stats regarding Fiesta and its players. According to this, Fiesta players have spent over 146 million hours into their characters.



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As always, Fiesta and Outspark are doing this anniversary with style, pizzazz, and plenty of events. Outspark wants to celebrate and commemorate the time and effort players have put into the game to help keep the community vibrant and spellbound. This celebration focuses on not just the game, but the community as well. The 4th Anniversary festivities include a variety of events both inside and outside of the game, such as MVP forum events, fansite promotions, and plenty of in-game activities.

“We’re pulling out all the bells and whistles for the celebration of our flagship game,” commented Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark. “It’s great to see how far the game has come over the last four years and think about all of the reasons players have to be celebrating this monumental achievement.”

With all the millions of players that have played, Fiesta has also racked up some astronomical numbers when it comes to the game statistics. Here’s a few interesting ones:
Players have dispatched more than 37 million monsters and bosses, which is approximately one monster or boss every 3 seconds.

Players have accrued over 3.2 quadrillion experience points. If each EXP point was worth 1 US cent, the combined GDP of Fiesta each year ($8 Trillion) would come second only to the US (~$14 Trillion).

Players have invested a total of 146 million hours into their characters. That’s the equivalent of over 70,000 years of work at a normal 9-to-5 job.

Players have sacrificed their lives more than 17 million times in their protection of Isya, the world of Fiesta.


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