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Firefall: Crafted Gear to be Disallowed in PvP

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Firefall pvp changes incomingAs a very experience Firefall player, I have to admit I haven't spent too much of time in game with PvP. I thought it was not balanced at all and that the competition was all about spending more time in the open world shooter and crafting all sorts of gear to achieve the best battle frame available. I just was never going to catch up with some players who didn't play anything but Firefall. Having read the latest e-mail from Red 5 Studios, I am thrilled about the upcoming changes to the PvP system in Firefall. Some PvP fanatics will be angry but it all makes sense when you read it. If you still don't care about PvP, it still gets a lot better for you too. Continue reading to see what this is all about.


Firefall: PvP to undergo major changes

PvP should be about team-work and it should be about experience and skill. As long as you have a great team with a lot of team-chemistry and individual skills, no matter what kind of gear the opposition has, you should sill be the favorites of the match. That was not the case in Firefall. Not until now. Thank god, it's all going to change.

Red 5 Studios devs are at it again. They have a reason to call this open world shooter a Beta, still after years of development. They just don't think it's a finished game yet. Well, I may be speculating, actually that's what I think their reason is to keep the Beta tag. But, what happens if a shooter game is not 100% ready in terms of PvP. Wait a minute, shouldn't it be more about PvP anyway? Sure it is. 

Maybe it's best without any gear :)

Firefall's developers have posted about the current problems with the PvP system the other day. According to the blog post, the main problem, which is something myself and many other problems have already known, is the problem with crafting and battle frames. 

No more Crafted Gear in PvP

In Firefall, a player who spends more time in game and who works more on crafting can gain a significant advantage over those who doesn't. That has always been the case. That wasn't all that bad for Firefall. If nothing else, this kept many players in the game as this was a significantly rewarding reason to play the game more and more.

Now the developers think it is about time they do the PvP right. In order to get it right, the PvP has to be fixed. The solution is, they will be disallowing crafted gear in PvP mode. This was players will be on equal grounds in PvP matches. 

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Balance was not the only issue. Accoring to the devs, the second issue was that some combinations worked too good while the others failed badly. 

The results have been some combinations that become too good, like doubling up on skill-shot nukes on the Assault or doubling up on  burst healing abilities on the Biotech, and then other abilities that rarely or never get used because they were necessarily kept weak/generic to be balanced in some combinations. (Firefall developer)

Long story short, the changes to the PvP system will include:

  • Regulation PvP gear
  • Battleframes and ability bars will be re-designed
  • One Tier only. There will be only one PvP queue and the matchmaking system will do the rest.
  • Leveling and crafting will change and it will be improved in the coming patches
  • Secondary weapons may still be crafted (with future patches)
  • There will be more options for customization in the open world. (Well, if you don't care much for PvP, this is good news.)
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What do you think?

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