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Forge of Empires: Enter The Industrial Age

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Forge of Empires industrial ageForge of Empires is one of our favorite browser games. The free to play strategy MMO has just received its latest content update that introduces the eight era "The Industrial Age". The previous update had taken players to Colonial Age and with this new update comes the modern chemistry, faster transportation and a better environment. Innogames is also introducing the new continent map "The New World" offering eight new provinces for players to conquer.


The Industrial Age - Forge of Empires

If you are into strategy games like Civilization, you know the difference it makes when you move from one era to another. That's what's happening today in the browser based strategy game Forge of Empires. With the latest content update; The Industrial Age, players are welcoming another era following the previous Colonial Age. 

Industrial Age doesn't only bring better technology and science but it also brings modern ballistics and guns to use on the battlefields. This means, players will be able to defend and protect their cities better while it also means it takes more than just courage when you plan to attack one's territory. 

Two great buildings are now available; Royal Albert Hall and the US Capital Building in Washington. Players can join forces and build these architectural masterpieces together. Once built, these great building will offer valuable resources, goods and production bonuses.

We have the latest map of the new world as well as Industrial Age artwork and a few screenshots. Enjoy! You can find more on Forge of Empires, the free browser based MMO in our Forge of Empires review.


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