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Ghost Recon Online: Clan Battles Start January 24

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Ghost Recon Online Clan vs Clan matchmakingGhost Recon Online is an amazing tactical shooter. Ubisoft's masterpiece franchise has only got better when they created this free MMO version of it. It still lacked some of the standard features that we see in many MMOFPS games today. From January 24th, the tension will rise in GRO as the all new Clan vs Clan matchmaking will be introduced. Continue reading for the details of this new feature.


Ghost Recon Online: Clan vs Clan Matchmaking

The developers at Ubisoft has announced the new feature "Clan vs Clan Matchmaking" for Ghost Recon Online (GRO) last week. This feature will be introduced for the first time when they deploy the game update 0.10.0 on January 24th. 

With the new clan matchmaking, players will now have a reason to play as groups. The biggest problem with GRO when I played it was the lack of real communication you'd expect from a tactical shooter.

It was more like random matches with random people where the whole team tactic depended on your chances of getting other tactical-minded players in your team. Out of 20 games you'd play, there would be no tactical communication whatsoever. The voice server was there but most players didn't have a headset or they had no will to talk during the match. (at least that's what happened to me). Read more in Ghost Recon Online review

Ghost Recon Online Clan vs Clan

With patch 0.10.0 players will band together and create their own clans. Clans will invite other clans on a map they choose. For now, all clan vs clan matches will remain unranked and each clan will need at least four members per team. Another new feature is the "match rejoin" feature that will allow rematches. The only award will be weapon proficiency points and partial XP and RP for completing a clan vs clan match.

Ghost Recon Online

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