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Grepolis United Includes Fans In Game Development

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Grepolis United announcedInnogames announced a very interesting project today: Grepolis United. With Grepolis United, fans will become more active in the development of Grepolis. This is not just about collecting community feedback but it's more like sharing the development roadmap with the fans of the MMO. Development roadmap is often considered a very secret asset by publishers, so it's really going to be interesting to see how this new project works out for Innogames and Grepolis. Read on for the announcement.


Grepolis United welcomes gamers to development

As a gamer, I enjoy read developer blogs and intereviews. It gives me insight and I tells me what to expect from the game in the future. Isn't it always a gamer's dream to speak with the developer and discuss the present and future of a game? Sure we have the community forums but they are crowded places and not all developers visit the forums and we rarely know what they have in their own plans. All game developers have a roadmap document that they never disclose to the public. Without knowing their own plans, we can only guess about the future of the game. If we knew their plans, we could make better suggestions and it would help us contribute to future content.

Play Grepolis

Today, I have been reading this new project of Innogames, the publisher of Grepolis, the browser based MMORPG. Innogames is introducing this new project called Grepolis United. Grepolis United will give fans the chance to shape the future of the game. Is Grepolis an ideal game for a project like this? I don't know. It's a browser based MMO with a long history, but we will wait and see the fruits of this promising project. Noone denies the fact anyway; Gamers know their games more than anyone else (including the developers).

Innogames released a new roadmap and a video interview detailing this project. Here it is:



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