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Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost : Retribution launches

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Guild Wars 2 RetributionGuild Wars 2: Flame and Frost update is coming to a conclusion today as Final Chapter : Retribution goes live. The fourth chapter we join forces with Rox the charr and Braham the norn and take on the Molten Alliance at its own facilities. This new Living Story dungeon is the final mission where players will see a final boss unlike anything they have ever seen in Tyria before.


Flame & Frost : Retribution goes live

Four part Flame and Frost update is coming to an end today as Guild Wars 2 - Retribution is coming for the residents of Tyria. Following The Razing, Retribution is going to take the battle all the way down to the heart of Molten Alliance's Weapon Facility. 

The forces of the dredge and Flame Legion is going to throw everything at us before we face the final boss.The only positive in this side of the story is that Rox and Braham will be our allies (but you know how we don't benefit much from allies in Guild Wars 2).

Guild Wars 2 Retribution boss

Let's look at all the other features of Retribution, aside from the main story and mission.

Custom PvP Arenas arrive with Spectator Mode. Players will now have the chance to create PvP maps and host private matches while spectator mode will allow others to watch these matches. This new feature is going to launch with limited funcionality.

WvW abilities are getting a revamp as ArenaNet has added the new Arrow Cart Mastery ability as well as five new levels in the Guard Killer ability line too.

Retribution guild missions

Guild Missions! 30 new guild trek locations have been added by developers, so get your guild together for new challenges. Guilds will also find new Siege Weapons and Back Banners that are now purchasable seperately. We will have a full review of the update in the coming days, so please bookmark the Guild Wars 2 section if you are interested.


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