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Guild Wars 2: Flame & Frost Part 2

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The Gathering StormIt's all going to get worse at the Wayfarer Foothills in Guild Wars 2. From Shiverpeaks, comes more refugees and players will need to join forces to stop them and defend the people. The Gathering Storm is the second part of Flame and Frost, a four-part series. If you thought it was easy to help volunteers in Flame and Frost part I, we should warn you. It ain't going to be that easy this time. Continue reading for the first details of The Gathering Storm.



Flame & Frost part II

Guild Wars 2 fans may remember Flame & Frost Part I from our Guild Wars 2 Diary. We had mentioned it was going to grow and change Tyria forever in the coming months. And here comes the second part of the four-part series. 

The second instalment of Flame & Frost, The Gathering Storm is going to raise the stakes, offering players a bigger challenge with a new PvP map, new Guild Missions while it also introduce the new selectable Daily Achievements system. 

The new PvP map is the Spirit Watch and it takes place on this peaceful green vale located between cliffside shrines to the norn Spirits of the Wild. In Spirit Watch, players will be after the Orb of Ascension.

Guild Missions

If you have been playing the game solo, here is another reason for you to start looking for a Guild. Well, it's not like guilds are waiting for you with open arms but noone is stopping you from trying. Gatherion Storm will have plenty of guild missions designed for group play and it will consist of puzzles as well as battles. There are great upgrades and rewards up for grabs. 

Daily Achievements (selectable)

This is great stuff. The new achievements system gives players the chance to select their own daily challenges and choose the type of content to be rewarded in the end. Another great window of opportunity to easy rewards.

We will have more on Flame and Frost Part II: Gatherin Storm in the coming weeks, before its release on February 26th. And before we close, here is the latest Guild Wars 2 wallpaper. The Gathering Storm. Click the image for the HD version.

Guild Wars 2 Wallpaper - The Gathering Storm

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm wallpaper (1920x1080)

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