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Guild Wars 2 MIGHT Have Expansions

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After a member of the Guild Wars 2 team expressly said they wouldn't ever be building expansions, and a bunch of people got upset, another developer has taken to the forums to "clarify" (backtrack, or just flat out confuse the situation). There might be expansions for Guild Wars 2 in the future. Or there might not.

They're not sure. In fact, they're so not sure they have nothing to say at this time. Except what they'd already said. Which wasn't true.

Confused? This is just run-of-the-mill PR.

The truth was that there was a lot of surprise when a representitive of ANet said the Living World would replace expansions, not least because of the amount of money they'd miss out on. It seems certain other members of the development team were surprising by the announcement as well.

From the Guild Wars 2 Forums:

Just to clarify a bit, as Mike said there are numerous teams beyond our Living World teams, and some of them are working on much longer term projects which we'll go into details on much further down the road.

It's entirely possible some of the types of content which you might traditionally find in expansions would be released through an expansion in the future for Gw2, and it's possible we'd try something different when it comes to integrating those type of releases.

We have no final plans one way or another about expansions at this time, and certainly haven't ruled them out, it's something we'll discuss more in the future.

He later said that they'd be releasing a roadmap of sorts to show players what they have planned for the rest of 2013, although didn't clarify when they'd share it. The important thing is that they're trying to be more open.

ANet have been accused multiple times of just completely ignoring problems, but more annoyingly ignoring people with problems. They've said in the past that it's down to not making promises they can't keep, but maybe they're willing to open the curtain just a little, and pay a little more respect to their very dedicated community.

So an expansion might happen in the future. If that's something you were disappointed they were getting rid of, you can now get your hopes up again.

What do you think?

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