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Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Event Starts Tomorrow

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Wintersday launchesGuild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has announced the launch of its December Event "Wintersday" today. Tomorrow, December 14th, Wintersday will startoffering players a chance to win gifts, enjoy unique mini-games and participate in several new events Tyria. As we reported about this earlier this month, Tixx is coming to Lion’s Arch and he will visit every major city on the way to deliver Wintersday toys to all players in the MMORPG. Don't forget to join Wintersday events starting tomorrow and read our new episode of Guild Wars 2 Diary tomorrow.


Tixx Arrives, Wintersday Starts in Guild Wars 2

Tixx is coming to the world of Tyria. OK, not everyone knows who Tixx is. Tixx is a gifted toymaster that visits Guild Wars Worlds every December to celebrate Wintersday with the people of Guild Wars. This year he is coming to Guild Wars 2 and will bring his fantastic toys and rewards to Tyria and every major city. 

Tixx is coming!

When Tixx makes a stop at a major city, players will be able to enter a new toy event to earn a new toy.Toymaster Tixx's airship will hover in Lion’s Arch, where players can earn more rewards too. Throughout all of Wintersday, players can also participate in a variety of mini-games including a Bell Choir mini-game, snowball fights. In other words, there will -literally- be presents falling from the skies, so get ready for Wintersday!

The Wintersday schedule also has been announced:

Timing of the Wintersday event is as follows:

• Friday, 14 December – Wintersday begins with a holiday-themed Lion’s Arch, numerous mini-games, presents falling from the sky and more.

• Saturday, 15 December 15, 19:00 CET (20:00 GMT) – Tixx the Toymaker will make his first appearance at The Grove followed by stops at every capital for one day each.

• Thursday, 20 December, 19:00 CET (20:00 GMT) – Tixx the Toymaker’s airship will hover over Lion’s Arch and remain there until Wintersday ends.

• Thursday, 3 January 3 19:00 CET (20:00 GMT) – The Wintersday event ends.

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