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Guns and Robots: Spring update announced

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Guns and Robots to have new weaponsGuns and Robots, the free to play online shooter has been in Beta for a while and despite its promising gameplay, it's been getting little attention from gamers. As an effort to attract more shooter fans, Masthead Studios is about to introduce the new tactical devices and weapons which will change the gameplay and make it more tactical and strategy based. The first device to be added this spring is the mini map, a device that helps players strategically. Read on for details and see the images of new weapons; landmines and turrets.


Robots get clever with tactical devices

Guns and Robots is a fast paced shooter game that allows you to build your own custom robot, equip it with your style of weapons, test it in your own garage and then take on other robots and players. Before you go all wild on your enemies, it's time to stop and plan ahead. Today's news from Masthead Studios, the developer behind Guns and Robots reveals the upcoming changes to the gameplay thanks to the new tactical devices they have designed.

The new tactical devices will first arrive in Spring update for Guns and Robots and the first device to be introduced to players is the mini map device. Using this mini map device, players will be able to build their own strategies before attacking the enemy robots. It's going to be very vital to team-play as players will be seeing their team members on the map.

Turret- Guns and Robots

Robots become tanks! :)

Another tactical device will be the shield and it will follow shortly after the introduction of mini-map. Shield will protect robots from bad injuries and they will have the time to get to cover and survive.

Spring's update will not only bring these tactical devices but it will also add the new item "land mines" giving players the option to use landmines to disable enemies when they pass over them. 

Another new weapon to be introduced is the "turret". Turrets will come in different combinations and they will be used against heavy robots. Time to turn your robots into tanks!  Follow us for more on Guns and Robots in the coming weeks. See our Guns and Robots beta impressions.

landmines in Guns and Robots

Landmines to be introduced soon



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