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Kingisle to debut Grub Guardians

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Wizard 101 gets a browser game

Kingisle, the maker of teen-favorite MMO game Wizard 101 has announced that they will soon be releasing a browser game -which will also be released on mobile devices- will tie in directly with Wizard 101 and reward players XP and items.



Kingisle Entertainment has done a great job with their fantasy MMORPG: Wizard 101. Wizard 101's success must have motivated the developer into further improve the experience for the gamers. 

Kingisle will release a new tower defense game this month and it's called "Grub Guardians"

Play Wizard 101 for free

According to the news on Gamasutra Wizard 101's creative director Todd Coleman said:

"We're taking a trick from the Zynga playbook," Wizard101 creative director Todd Coleman told Gamasutra in a recent interview. "The trick is that players like to connect to a game's advancement curve, they like to make forward progress from whatever device they have handy."

"Sometimes players take 15 minutes, sometimes two hours, sometimes just 30 seconds to play Wizard. We thought it would be interesting to expose smaller, more digestible entry points to make advancements in the game," he continued.


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