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League of Legends: Karma Remade

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League of Legends Karma new versionLeague of Legends is perhaps the most complex MOBA game ever, particularly when it comes to character abilities. Maybe it comes with the genre but I haven't seen other MOBA's getting so frequent updates to its characters. The latesy champion update involved Karma. Riot Games developers has remade the champion, tweaked its abilities, updated her roles and created a very versatile champion. Read on to see the Karma Champion Spotlight.


Karma - New Version Is Here

I think it's fair to call her Karma v2 now because this is not like one of the minor champion adjustments and tweaks included in League of Legends patches. This is something more specific to the champion herself. Karma the Enlightened One has just received a complete makeover as Riot developers have remade it from its abilities to her skill set and roles.

Now, Karma has a a new role as a mage-support. She can go against any opponent in solo lanes or in a traditional bot lane.

The skillset has been redone to create a versatile champion. She can effectively protect allies and take care of opponents.

She also has three ways to to supercharge her abilities with her ultimate; "Mantra" which increases the power of the next ability when it's activated. Unlike the old ultimate, Karma's Mantra doesn't store charges. 

From the looks of the changes to Karma, she can take multiple roles in a team depending on the needs of the team.

You can watch the Karma Champion Spotlight below for more details on the changes to her abilities and roles but to summarize the changes; Mantra is the new ultimate which helps increase the strength of her other abilities while the passive is now Gathering Fire which reduces the cooldown of Mantra when Karma's basics or abilities damage another champion. This means, if you are accurate enough, you will see added benefits and you will be even more stronger. Her other abilities are now;

Karma's Abilities:

  • Inner Flame (Soul Flare when used with Mantra)
  • Focused Resolve
  • Inspire

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