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League of Legends: New League System Replaces Leaderboard

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League of Legends League System patch previewLeague of Legends Season 3 introduces the new League System where ranked solo and duo players as well as the 3vs3 and 5vs5 teams can rise above their competition. Season 3 replaces the Elo rating and ladder rank. What this means for players is that it will give almost every player a chance to compete in their own small leagues. Instead of the old leaderboard where you rank among thousands of players, each player will compete in a 250-player division.


League of Legends: Classic Leaderboard Soon to be Replaced

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games. The problem with a MOBA game, aside from its steep learning curve, you just can't feel good enough and competitive enough. There are literally hundreds of thousands of players to compete against and it just doesn't get any better too soon. Before you become a good player, they get away from your in rankings and it becomes almost impossible to be satisfied from your ranking.

Riot Games is soon to change this. The latest patch preview video goes into the details of the upcoming ranking system that's going to replace the old traditional leaderboard. Simply put, players will be competing in a smaller division of 250 players instead of ranking on a massive leaderboard.

,League of Legends- League System Tiers

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Skill Tiers and Divisions

There will be a total of 5 skill tiers and each tier will contain five divisions. The system gets all sophisticated here. When a player wins ranked matches, he will win points and when he wins 100 ranked points, there will be an event that gets triggered: "The Advancement Series". The advancement series is like a playoff match. If the player wins the best of three or best of five series, he will go up.

This is the solo part. If you are on a top 5vs5 team, then you will also get the chance to go pro and enter the League of Legends Championship Series.  The reason behind all these changes is that Riot Games is trying to create a more balanced and competitive arena for players from all skill levels. 

Having taken a better look at all the changes in the preview video, I think it all makes sense and this should be a very good model for all the other high population MOBA games where competition is needed at all levels. See all the details in the video.

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