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League of Legends: Patch 3.02 Preview

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League of Legends Patch 3.02Riot Games released the latest patch preview video for League of Legends, the popular MOBA. This time, it's giving us all the details of the new 3.02 patch.Like all LoL patches, Update 3.02 brings plenty of changes to some of the champions. Champions that will see changes this time are Nasus, Akali and Riven. Apart from changes to champions, Riot developers have also done some item-balancing.



LoL: Changes to Akali, Riven and Nasus

And, yet another patch for League of Legends. If you are a fan of the MOBA, you have to make sure you are up to date with the latest changes, otherwise you might be up for big surprises in game. You can find more in the video but let's take a quick look at the changes. Let's start with Nasus. Good news for the fans of Nasus, he's receiving a bug fix and some buffs to Siphoning Striker and Furt of the Sands ultimate.

Second champion: Akali... Twin Disciplines is Akali's complicated passive and it's getting a qualify of life change. Developers have removed the minimum requirements for her passive to trigger. After patch 3.02, Akali players will see better reactive play.

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And Riven. Riven is the third champion that's getting changes with Patch 3.02. The problem with her was that it could get hard to catch up the curve when she was behind, unless she bought high attack damage items early in game. Developers have changed one thing about Riven and that's her passive: Runic Blade. The small but complex change will help Riven players during the mid-game phase.

So, guys this is our own summary of League of Legends 3.02 patch. You can see more in this preview video. Devil out.

Patch 3.02 Preview

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