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LoL: Quinn and Valor revealed

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Quinn and ValorLeague of Legends' next patch will introduce Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings, one strong duo... Quinn and Valor work together to attack their opponents. This highly mobile duo can defend as well as they attack together. Today, we have the Quinn splash screen and comic strip showcasing the duo in action for the first time. Continue reading for more on this mighty duo.


Quinn and Valor comes to the Fields of Justice

Quinn's got heightened senses, Valor's got it too, anything Quinn's have, Valor adds to it and these two combined make life hard for any other champion. This powerful duo is coming to League of Legends with the new patch. 

Today we're taking a look at some of their abilities as well as show the first comic strip and splash screen, released earlier by Riot Games.

Valor's passive is Harrioer, marking enemies as Vulnerable. Once Valor does that, Quinn can attack targets with a bonus physical damage to them. Valor can damage and blind all nearby enemies, while the duo takes advantage of heightened senses. With heightened sense, Valor can gain a large amount of Attack Speed.

Quinn and Valor

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Quinn's Vault allows her to dash to an enemy and slow them down. She can then kick back the target and land near her maximum attack range. This is going to be very effective in close range combat. Another ability is the Second Cast when Valor flies from the battlefield and allows Qinn to damage all close enemies. (Tag Team attack)

Players will see that, passive effects from Harrier and Heightened Senses make Quinn an excellent hitter and it also helps the duo take care of enemies. Quinn can maintain a safe distance with the duo's defensive abilities. The duo can also assist friendly targets, as they can slow down enemies. They can chase down enemies too, using heightened senses for better vision. You can find more on Quinn and Valor's abilities at LoL website but the duo looks like a very efficient and powerful mobile team. We will soon find out more on the duo in a spotlight video from Riot.

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Quinn and Valor of League of Legends

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