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Lost of Legend CBT key giveaway

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Lost of Legend Closed Beta keyToday, WSGAME is launching the Closed Beta testing for its upcoming MMORPG. Our friends at Wondershare games have sent us Closed Beta keys. If you are looking for a brand new MMORPG that is browser based and doesn't require any downloads, get access to the Closed Beta today.




Get your Closed Beta key for Lost of Legend

Lost of Legend is a brand new MMORPG from Wondershare games. (WSGame). The new MMORPG features the battle between the players and the dark evils corrupting the world. Players can select from three classes or all of them to see which one is a better fit for their playing styles.

Lost of Legend is entering its 1st Closed Beta today from 1PM PST and WSGAME has sent us 500 Closed Beta keys. Get yours before it's too late. The CBT will continue until May3rd. There are item packs being offered to 5000 players. 

Get your Lost of Legend CBT key here

Once you get access to the game with the Closed Beta key provided here, don't forget to redeem your free item pack. See the item pack details below.

How to redeem your key and item pack?

  1. Click here to get your Lost of Legend Closed Beta access key.
  2. Logon to the game and talk to the NPC Gift Exchanger (43, 29) at East Lost Town or (54, 53) at Spring City
  3. Click Enter Newbie Card, Guild Card or Other Codes. Paste your key here and get your free items.


The free item pack includes:

Level 1: 5000 Gold
Level up to 30 and get:
5000 Gold
Mount Incubator x1
World Quests Card x5
Warrior: Cursed Blade of Cyan x1, War Ring of Harpies x2, Boots of Harpies x1
Mage: Cursed Staff of Cyan x1, Ring of Harpies x2, Boots of Harpies x1
Priest: Cursed Sword of Cyan x1, Ring of Harpies x2, Boots of Harpies x1
Level up to 50 and get:
10000 Gold
Level 5 Gem Bag x50
Exp Pill x99
Achilles Boots x1
Achilles Cap x1
Achilles Ring x2
Achilles Bracelet x2
Achilles Necklace x1
Warrior: Dragon Slayer x1
Mage: Athena's staff x1
Priest: Heaven Sword x1 

About Lost of Legend

The game begins when dark evils are making the world a misery abyss. Three heroes rise to venture into the dark catacombs, in the end destroy all evils and save the world. Aiming to entitle players with full control, Lost of Legend features operation and professional skills. Players are allowed to create three classes: Warrior, Mage and Priest in one account and taste the best of each. To excel in a game inlaid with 8 sorts of magic, it is of vital importance that you select a suitable class and know his/her magic well. Best way to show your control is by variety of skill combos, making fatal strike over rivals and defeating them before they know. On top of the magic, there are mount system and the exclusive wing system and what they can do is more than looking great.

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