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LotRO Developers Reveal New Expansion

in Lord of the Rings Online, News

LOTRO developer chat and new expansionLord of the Rings Online's latest developer chat was on Twitter last night and it's revealed Turbine's plans for Update 11 and beyond. About 50 questions were answered by a team of developers. Questions involved Update 11 related details, bug fixes, improvements, localization problems and the new expansion which is probably going to be released on 6th anniversary of the MMORPG. So if you have not followed this chat last night, read on for a short summary.


LotRO Developer Chat Reveal Update 11 details and New Expansion

So the most notable from the latest LotRO developer chat is the reveal of the new expansion. A questions regarding an upcoming expansion was answered by the developer and he hinted on a 6th year anniversary release. At this point there are no more details but the chat involved much more than just the revealing of the next expansion. Sit back and let me go through some of the highlights from the chat on Twitter.

Class revamp and skill trees

There will be three trees per class and there will also be bonuses graned based on an early level specialization chpice. This will be growing as player spends points and players will be able to have multiple specs...

Empty Houses and crafting

If you are inactive and you leave your house alone, watch out! The developer confirmed that these houses will be available for rent again. There will be crafting facilities to housing.

Lotro update 11

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Wildermore for free

This is easy on our paypal accounts guys. Wildermore will be free for VIPs.

Update 11: Mounted Helpers

With update 11, all classes will be seeing new mounted traits and skills. Captains won't get mounted helpers tho.

No forced grouping

There was an interesting questions whether players would feel forced into grouping. Matt Zimmitti answered this as "trengths. This is specifically NOT intended to force grouping."

History of Middle-Earth and accuracy of content

According to M. Fahey, they have experts checking the game content against Tolkien's work and make sure everything is as accurate as possible. In other words Lord of the Rings Online is heavily under control. (which is not a bad thing). Read our article on Effects of Tolkien Estate's Protectiveness over Lord of the Rings Games

LOTRO landscapes

Update 11 - No Level Cap increase

Not to shatter your dreams, my high level fellows, but Update 11 won't be increasing the level cap.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Apparently the community, as expected, won't be happy until all bugs are fixed but the team believes they are doing their best at improving the stability of the game and fix bugs.

For all the details of this Lord of the Rings Online developer chat, you can visit the LotRO forum.



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