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LotRO Lottery Returns

in Lord of the Rings Online, News

LotRO lottery
Lord of the Rings Online fans should remember the good old days when Turbine had a lottery event. It's been a while that they didn't offer a lottery but here is the announcement and lottery is returning for LotRO fans tomorrow. With the return of lottery, players will see differences in the lottery system and it's for the better. The new lottery offers a better chance to win as the developers have adjusted the level ranges. Read on for details of LotRO Lottery.



LotRO Lottery returns: Get free items in LotRO

Everyone loves free stuff. If it's one of your favorite MMO's such as Lord of the Rings Online which recently had its latest and biggest expansion "Riders of Rohan" go live, then it's even better. You can't have more of those free items in Lord of the Rings Online. (we got you covered for DDO, get Turbine Points for free here.)

LotRO and Hobbit festivals

Let's celebrate the return of LotRO Lottery

LotRO's community guys announced the return of LotRO Lottery today. All free, premium and VIP players will be able to enter the lottery. There will be scheduled lotteries as well as special lotteries that include festival and holiday ones, as well as Flash lotteries that's on social media. 

They have also updated the Lottery system to give players a slightly more chance to win. The lottery is divided into groups of levels, but this time, the level rangers have been tightened from 14 to 10. This means, if you are level 32, you won't be competing with a level 45 and there will be less players in each group(lottery), increasing your chances to win free items in LotRO. 




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