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LotRO: Minstrel Changes for Riders of Rohan

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Minstrel Changes
Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan expansion is nearing its release. While we know pretty much all about the Warsteeds, Warbands and the mounted combat as a whole, there are still much more to come with the launch of the expansion. Riders of Rohan will bring a number of changes to Minstrel class. The healer will receive skill improvements and a new skill for level 80. Read on for all the details.



LotRO Riders of Rohan - Minstrel class changes

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan will bring a series of updates to the Minstrel class. If you are a fan of this healer, make sure you get familiar with these changes before the release. Here we have compiled them for you, from the latest developer diary.

As Minstrel's are known for their healing abilities, the improvements are directly related to this department. Minstrel will receive some improvements for Tale of Elements skill. It replaces the Frost and Fire Mitigation buff of Tale of Frost and Flame with Tactical Mitigation.

There is also a new skill. Level 80 – Call of Eärendil is a new skill and its features are:

Requires Harmony stance.
Melee-range frontal Area of Effect attack.
Maximum of 3 targets.
Deals light-type damage and applies a tactical mitigation debuff to targets.

Those in front of Minstrel will receive light-type damage in a cone and any target hit will be given the same tactical mitigation debuff as from Call of Oromë.

There are also some modifications to Minstrel's skills as well as item advancements. Item advancements include: Call of Oromé Damage Legacy will now affect Call of Eärendil as well. Song of the Dead Cooldown Legacy has been renamed to Song of Subdual Legacy. Anthem of War (melee damage) Legacy will increase both melee and ranged damage now and finally the Anthem of War (ranged damage) Legacy is replaced with Minstrel Skill Bubble Strength Legacy.

If you want even more details on Mistrel Changes, you can read the whole Developer Diary here->


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