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LotRO: Update 10 Against The Shadow Part 2

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LOTRO Riders of Rohan part 2

Turbine is releasing Riders of Rohan expansion in parts and following the release of the first part, they've revealed the second part today. The second part of the instance cluster of Riders of Rohan is coming soon and it is going to introduce four new raids. We don't know exactly when but Turbine has released some wonderful screenshots of the update along with the details of the included raids. 


Lord of the Rings Online Update 10: Part 2 is coming

Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan expansion is turning into something much bigger than we thought. Not only in one part or two, it looks like Turbine is going to keep on adding new instance clusters to the update.

Today, the publisher revealed the second part of Update 10 that consists of four group raids.

Let's take a look at the brand new raids:

The Bells of Dale is a 6 man raid that takes players to Lonely Mountain. Players will be travelling north to the kingdom of Dale where the cruel Easterlings have already begun their assault. The task is to help Brand ring the city bells and hold the line against enemy forces while the townsfolk begin their retreat to the safety of Erebor.

Riders of Rohan expansion part 2 screenshot 2

Road to the Lonely Mountain is a 12-Man Raid and players will need to protect the people of Dale on their flight to the Lonely Mountain. Gather all your strength for the road to the mountain is long and the enemies are many!

The Fires of Smaug is another 12 man raid that takes place in the massive gates of Erebor. The men and dwarves of the north are prepared to withstand a long siege but scouts have reported the Easterlings constructing a large pyre near one of the mountain vents that billows with dark, noxious gas. It's about time to kill the Easterlings and destroy the pyre...
The Battle for Erebor is the forth raid and the third 12 man raid included in this update. One Ring has been destroyed and the tide is turning in the south. Some of the enemy soldiers have started acting and players will have to become the champions of Erebor and bring down the Olog-hai.

Enjoy the screenshots for now while we try to learn more on this Riders of Rohan update part 2.

Update 10: Against The Shadow Part Two Screen-shots

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