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LotRO Update 11 To Launch on May 13 [Updated]

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lotro update 11 screenshotsLord of the Rings Online's developer Turbine had promised a lot in 2012 -with Riders of Rohan- and it continues to deliver on that promise in 2013. With the upcoming Update 11 to be released next Monday, LotRO fans will find five new areas and the next chapter in the storyline. All these new areas are in the east of Rohan. Update 11 will also introduce a revamped version of mounted combat that was first introduced in late 2012. 


Lord of the Rings Online: Update 11 arrives on May 13th

Riders of Rohan, mounted combat, warbands and warsteeds. These were the hot topics related to Lord of the Rings Online in the second half of 2012. If you remember our mounted combat article, you may remember how it took Turbine three years to develop this feature.The upcoming update; Lotro Update 11 is going to introduce an update to mounted combat. This is particularly the most important feature of Update 11 that I will be checking out come next Monday. 

LotRO update 11

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Aside from the mounted combat revamp, Update 11 will introduce five new Rohan areas:

  1. The Fallows
  2. Whitshaws
  3. High Knolls
  4. Balewood
  5. Wood-trolls 

Players will face the Uruk-hai enemies, Hurons, Warbands and some other creatures as they try to save the region from Nurzum's destruction. 

Details of Update 11 (May 7th)

Players will try to go and aid the town of Scylfig, which suffers from winter and an Uruk-hai threat.

The Fallows
Uruk-hai invaders have torched the region’s farms and they have slayed everyone except for the survivors who had to leave their homes. This missions is about riding to the smoldering remains and beat Núrzum's raiders and the  Reeve of Wildermore.

There is a small village called "Dunfast" and it needs your help. Take on Warbands and then save the people of Dunfast.

High Knolls
Núrzum has finally beaten everyone except for you. Knolls are thick with Saruman's minions and you will need to be extremely careful in this journey.

In the Balewood, you will have to gather young Ents and stop the corruption once and for all. 

VIPs will get the The Wildermore Quest pack for free. Another little detail on the revamped mounted combat; New class-specific traits will now enhance mounted combat skills and bonuses to mobility will now be tied to your base steed.

When update 11 is live players will all receive a Silver Hobbit Present (each day they log in to LOTRO). Rewards are based on your level and class and there will be some unique rewards too.

Another reason to becoma VIP member: VIPs can now get a custom character portrait frame, improved bonus experience system and even better Hobbit presents.



LotRO Update 11 Screenshots

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