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LotRO Update 7.2 release notes

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The Hobbits in Bywater are getting ready to celebrate the first annual Farmers Faire and players will have a chance to win rewards in a series of Festival activities starting July 19th. Turbine has completed the game update and launched the MMORPG with update 7.2. Following the launch of game servers, they have also posted the details of the latest update. Read on for update 7.2 release notes.



LotRO's update 7.2 goes live - Release notes posted

Lord of the Rings Online will receive its major content update Riders of Rohan in September but it doesn't mean there won't be any updates in the next two months. Today, Turbine has deployed the latest content update, aka Update 7.2 which features the 1st Annual Farmer's Faire, adjustments to classes, items and quests as well as a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements.

One of the fixes Update 7.2 brings is the breaking of travel routes, such as horses stopping indefinitely while traversing a travel route. This was forcing players to logout as a temporary work-around. Level 60 lootboxes should no longer drop Aquamarine Shards and Lock-On-Camera has been enhanced fixing the issues with character targeting.

Visit the official post for the complete list of Update 7.2 release notes.


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