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LotRO: Use Momentum With War Steeds

in Lord of the Rings Online, News

It's all about the Mounted Combat, when you hear about Riders of Rohan, isn't it? Well, the developers at Turbine Games released this new developer diary video, going into the details of mounted combat and the new elements that you will find in the MMO, such as the new Momentum feature that players will use to their advantage with War Steeds. Read on to see the new developer diary video and find out more on Mounted Combat and Momentum.



War Steeds and Momentum in Riders of Rohan

The new developer diary video for Lord of the Rings Online reveals a new feature in Riders of Rohan's main feature "Mounted Combat". As previously announced, players will be against the Warbands with their War Steeds, the combat mounts. 

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Mounted Combat will differ from Traditional Combat. One of the new features that players will notice is the Momentum. At normal speed, War Steeds will move fairly fast but players will also have the ability to slowly speed up over time and reach the actual top speed. And with the use of Momentum, damage will increase and players who master riding a combat mount will be able to use it to their advantage. 

If you look at this new video, you will see that Mounted Combat definitely looks like it's got the potential to be one of the most entertaining features in LotRO ever. With the hit-and-runs, and players trying to use the momentum to increase the damage they cast on their enemies, and of course the unexpected encounters with other players and even groups will add new excitement to the game.

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