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Marvel Heroes: Patch 1.11 and Asgard Zone revealed

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marvel heroes21 super heroes. And you can customize them all. I am talking about Marvel Heroes. The existence of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine and Hulk was enough to attract millions of fans. The game has already surpassed 1.5 million players. Now that super heroes are ready to enter new adventures and regions, Gazillion has announced the upcoming patch 1.11 and the first details of the following update that's going to reveal the first new zone "Asgard". Continue for the whole story and the new features trailer.


Marvel Heroes gets new content this summer and fall

Marvel Heroes is great for at least a couple of things. First, you get to choose one of 21 Marvel Heroes, including Woverine and Thor, secondly you can customize them and then swap between your heroes on-the-fly. ( Read more on Marvel Heroes in our game review )

As super heroes are all up for new adventures, Gazillion is making sure players get new content this Summer and coming Fall. For those of us who never get the chance to go on a holiday, being a super hero 24/7 doesn't sound bad after all. I am surely looking forward to seeing the new content in the game. And that's when this release has come to my attention. The upcoming update, patch 1.11 is going to add the new PvP and End Game modes, while the next update will introduce the first new zone, "Asgard".

Marvel Heroes Patch 1.11 to be released later this month. Features:

·       New Player versus Player (PvP) and End Game modes for players after they defeat Doctor Doom.
·       Eternity Splinters is going to be a new currency that will offer an alternate method to earn playable Heroes through gameplay.
·       A new tier of powerful “Ultimate” items than enhance Heroes’ Ultimate Powers. Players will also be able to suit up as the Human Torch for the first time.

and the next update will arrive in Fall and it will introduce the new zone "Asgard" as well as some New Story Content. The new adventure is set in the realm of Thor and Loki where players will be taking on new missions and adventures across the world of Asgard. With new zone Asgard, there will be New Areas including PvE and the new PvP modes and end-game content.


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