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MGU: Firefall on Wheels

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Firefall MGUSure we all play Firefall at home but how about playing the free shooter in a custom 48-foot-long tour bus. Yes, that's what Red 5 thought would be incredible for gamers and modding enthusiasts. Today, Red 5 Studios has announced the MGU: Mobile Gaming Unit that will be the new home to some special Firefall tournaments as well as some of the rounds of eSports League. Fans can discover more on Velocity Networks's Inside West Coast Customs on Sunday. Read on, we have got a couple of photos of this incredible gaming bus. 


Introducing Firefall's Mobile Gaming Unit

Gaming at home is boring when you see something like this. I am talking about Red 5's new mobile gaming unit, well, gaming bus that will premiere for the first time on Velocity Network's "Inside West Coast Customs" program this Sunday.

Firefall MGU is a 48 foot long tour bus that Red 5 has turned into an incredible gaming unit for Firefall bus. The bus is equipped with powerful AMD and Razer hardware, and it will be the new home to some Firefall tournaments and possibly some of the eSports rounds in 2013. 

The MGU is equipped for top-level eSports tournaments with 20 AMD powered gaming stations, Razer peripherals, support for 1,000 person LANs and it even includes a shoutcaster podium with full livestreaming support.

Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 Studios said : “As cool as the completed MGU is, it’s probably more impressive to see how we managed to cram so much advanced hardware into a bus and actually make it work. It took an incredible effort to pull this thing off and wouldn’t have been possible without the talented people at WCC and our partners, AMD and Razer. Whether viewers have seen our MGU or not, they’re going to be blown away.”

We weren't able to get too many interior photos of MGU but here is a couple of photographs for you. Enjoy! We will have more on Sunday.

Firefall's MGU

Firefall's new gaming unit MGU is a tour bus.

Firefall's new gaming unit

Firefall MGU Click the image to enlarge



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