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Pit of War: Battle Royale Launches

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Pit of War Battle Royale

Pit of War is one of the unique MMORPGs we have played in 2012. The browser based RPG features the journey of gladiators and their neverending battles against other gladiators. Pit of War with its upcoming update will feature the all new Battle Royale. Battle Royale will put top 10 gladitators in one arena offering them a precious trophy everyday. Read on for the details of Battle Royale.



Pit of War to feature Battle Royale 

In Pit of War, gladiators fight to survive, they also fight for rewards. The more you win, the more you get... With the rewards you can get yourself better armor and better gear in Black Market. Then of course, there is the loot! The browser based MMORPG features text based fights that the winner is decided based on Gladiator characteristics and strategies.

The next update of the game is going to introduce the all new Battle Royale mode. In Battle Royale, top 10 gladiators of the day will be entered into the same brutal fight. The winner will take all and be crowned by Champion of the day. A precious trophy will also be given to the champion.

Pit of War artwork

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Another new little feature included in this update will help players as they can set their own timezones in game. Another Autumn surprise allows players keep their war chests open and for the month of October as they receive extra gold that will be awarded everywhere from the Arena to the Pit Fights!

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