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Pit of War's New Update and New Tournaments

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Pit of War's new brutal itemsOutcast Games launched the latest update for the browser based strategy game Pit of War. This new content update includes new weapons, new armor with new artwork that has the same brutal style of the MMO. The new tournament system, Seasons invite players to join in for a three month long tournament with prizes. There are also some balance improvements. Continue reading some new artwork and read all about this latest update for Pit of War.


I like Pit of War for a few reasons. First of all, the game is deeper than you can possibly imagine, secondly it's about Gladiators and their endless battles for glory, third, I like the artwork a lot. Yesterday's update brings new artwork to the browser based strategy game that looks as spectacular and as brutal as what we have seen in the game so far.

Pit of War Great Axe

New update features over 1000 items. 

The all new Seasons"Tournaments give players the chance to compete in 2-3 month long tournaments for prizes and fame.  With the Blood God Points(BGP) earned, players will be able to buy legendary items from the Blacksmith.

Three gladiator specialties and their skill trees have been completely revamped and rebalanced. And the training points will now be also used to unlearn skills, giving you the chance to change the characteristics or the fighting style of your gladiators. This is particularly something that's been missing in the game for a long time. Find out more on Pit of War in our review.

Pit of War Cestus Pit of War new Dagger

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