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Planetside 2 - See How PhysX Make a Difference

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PhysX demo for Planetside 2Planetside 2 hosts massive battles and massive battles mean; massive explosions and massive destruction. Nvidia's PhysX is not something I have cared too much about but it's always a visual treat to watch PhysX enabled gameplay videos. Planetside 2 is one of the few MMO shooters that is capable of PhysX powered animations. Read on to see how PhysX can change the explosion effects in Planetside 2.


Planetside 2: PhsyX Does Matter

If you like destroying objects, exploding vehicles and structures, and if you have a powerful PC, PhysX can turn Planetside 2 into a visually stunning experience. How? Well, just watch this new demonstration video for Planetside 2, NVIDIA has released today to see the difference PhysX can make in Planetside 2. From explosion effects to ground particle effects and various player effects. Finally, don't forget the fact that PhsyX effects can easily become a disadvantage to you. Been there, done that!

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