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Pockie Ninja: Shipudden Season 2

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Ngames has just released detailed information on the newest features of the popular Naruto/Bleach MMO: Pockie Ninja. The new update due for release soon will take the level cap to 90 while it adds a load of new content for the players to discover.


Pockie Ninja is getting an update soon. NGames, the publisher of the game has released more information on the Season 2 update.

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Pockie Ninja's "Shippuden: Season 2" update is coming out soon, allowing ninjas to reach a new level cap of 90 while facing brand new quests, intriguing explorations, powerful monsters and challenging new bosses.

Season 2 continues the action packed journey of Naruto and his friends as they fight to stop the Akatsuki, a group of ninjas introduced in last month's Shippuden update who aim to plunge the world into darkness.

Ninjas reaching level 90 will unlock the special Ninja Graduate title, raising their stamina, agility and strength abilities by 25 points.

New Features and Skills

A new Inscription function is set to add another intriguing layer of strategy to Pockie Ninja's already tense tactical arena duels. By activating a Low or High "Inscription Talisman", players can raise the basic attack and defense power power of their weapons for a limited period of time.
Cleverly timing when to activate the Inscription powers – which can be obtained via quests, combat and the in-game shop – could prove a key difference between earning victory and suffering defeat.

The Las Noches tower challenge will be playable 3 times per day instead of 2 when Season 2 is released, and will be expanded to a massive 170 floors!

Players ascending Las Noches face an increasingly tough risk/reward battle against enemy AI on each floor, with rare treasures, rewards and tons of EXP up for grabs. Are you ready for the challenge of making it all the way to top?

Shippuden: Season 2 also promises a host of key refinements to the anime-inspired MMO.

Levelling will now be quicker, thanks to lower EXP requirements and EXP increases for auto-combat. There will be exciting new ways to synthesis existing outfits and equipment, lower difficulty levels on Ninja Diary quests, and tweaks to the base stats of several in-game outfits, resulting in a more balanced gameplay experience.

What's more, with a helpful new tips system and new Newbie incentives, such as prizes for completing newbie quests and rewards just for logging in, Pockie Ninja is set to be more accessible than ever before.

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