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Prime World enters Open Beta

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Prime World has been quite successful over the last few weeks, from a series of popular closed betas to a showing at E3. It's a unique combination of MOBA and MMORPG, created by the same people as Heroes of Might and Magic V, so it'll be interesting enough to check out if nothing else. You won't need to wait long. There's an open beta starting this weekend and all it takes to join is a quick sign-up on their official website.

Although a huge portion of the game will take place in MOBA-like combat, characters are persistant and will learn new techniques if you train at your castle. The castles aren't simply static places to sit between matches either, but an important part of the Prime World gameplay. You'll need to create buildings, mine resources and more if you want to be the top of the leaderboards.

How that advantage works for you is entirely down to how talented you are, and how talented the people you play with are. Like any MOBA, there's a huge reliance on teamwork, and a weak member can make or break a match. No word yet on how balanced the castle-system is, but at the very least the people behind Prime World are attempting to do something a bit new with a fairly stagnant genre.

The open beta starts tomorrow and will run until June 24th. A book set in the same universe is due for release as well, and you can expect a review of that over the coming days.

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