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RaiderZ: Broken Silence Details Before Launch

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Raiderz Broken SilenceWe reported on the Broken Silence expansion for RaiderZ last week along with the latest screenshots. Today we're going to tell you some details of the expansion that's coming next Wednesday. Level cap increase, Cowen Marsh map, new bosses, new armor and weapons, the new wave system, the party matching system and the Battle Arena. Continue reading for the latest on Broken Silence. 


Broken Silence Features detailed

RaiderZ the monster hunting MMO game is about to receive its first expansion this Wednesday. Perfect World has been revealing some screenshots and the new features of the expansion in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, they have revealed the final details of it as well as the release date.

Let's start with the release date. Broken Silence is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Broken Silence is the next chapter in RaiderZ. The new chapter introduces players to the new map: Cowen Marsh. This new zone is a contaminated zone with dangers inside. It was once a vibrant region but the latest contamination has turned the area into a toxic wasteland. While the Rendel Knights were known to investigate the cause of this contanimation, they have not even returned and noone else dared to follow them. Players will be entering this contaminated, dangerous and mysterious zone from Wednesday.


Cyndea in Cowen Marsh

Secondly, the level cap goes up to 40, opening new challenges and zones to the high level players. There will be new monsters, and beasts at the Temple of Renas and Cave of Nightmares. Cyndea: The Queen of the Cave is one of them. 

The new bosses in Raiderz Broken Silence are mutants. When the toxins of Cowen Marsh affected the beautiful creatures of the region, they have become beasts with elemental powers. They are strong and they are not for solo hunters. From the sound of it, we will need to group up before taking on these new epic bosses.

Cowen Marsh will also unfold new armors and weapons. Monster hunters will be able to equip these new weapons suited to hunt the new bosses and beasts. 

There is also the new feature : Wave System that's basically a system to protect Riode and Rietz by fending off waves of enemies. We are not sure how exactly this Wave System works so we will be telling you more once we have tested it.

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The Party Matching System is another new feature. As you see, this Broken Silence expansion has really got a lot to offer. With this new feature, we will be able to team up with other players that have similar combat experiences/history like us. Once the system finds us a good match, we will be able to enter Kingdom of Render and hunt together. This way, players will have a better chance of beating monsters.

Finally the Battle Arena. At Rietz, there will be a new Battle Arena where players can take on others and show their skills to win Battle Arena points and new costumes. This new PvP Arena will have new rewards for players.

We will take a better look at Broken Silence next week when it launches. Until then, good hunting!

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