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Red5 to offer Firefall Founders Packs at PAX

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Firefall Founders Packages on sale
Red 5 Studios launched Firefall's in-game store a few days ago. Now that the company is getting to showcase the shooter MMO once more at PAX Prime. While the visitors of PAX get the best deal out of packages, all players will be offered an additional 25% discount during the weekend of PAX. Continue reading to find out all about the Founders Packages and the discount details.



Firefall Founders Packages to go on sale at PAX Prime - 25% Discount

Firefall players have been looking forward to getting these special packages called Founders Packages. Red 5 Studios just announced that Founders packages are going to be on sale for the first time, starting this weekend at PAX Prime. During PAX, over the weekend, players will be able to take advantage of the 25% additional discount. 

Why would anyone get a Founders Package? Well, if you like Firefall, you know, there will be micro-transaction based in-game sales soon enough. As the Firefall In-Game Store has recently launched, you will have to be getting the in-game currency, Red Beans at some point. Founders Packages not only give you the chance to permanently reserve your names, they also give you an Experience boost. So, it means, they will help you level up faster too.

Three packages

The $100 Commander package will be on sale at $75.00. The Commander Pack includes $75 worth Virtual Currency (Red Bean), Permanent 15% XP Bonus, Firefall Beanie, Name+Army Reserve Forever and cream of the top Light Ground Vehicle. The other packages are called Lieutenant and Ensign. Remember, these packages will be on sale at PAX with an additional 25% discount rate and after PAX, the Founders Packages will be available for a few days more. That's it! After that, noone knows when you will be able to buy these packages. It's a great chance if you plan to keep playing Firefall. 


Source: Firefall website

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