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Riders of Rohan delayed until October 15th

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Riders of Rohan delayed

Bad news for LotRO fans. Riders of Rohan has been delayed until October 15th, the game's developer Kate Paiz revealed earlier today. The reason behind this decision is to ensure they release a flawless expansion. Having received feedback during the expansion's beta testing, developer at Turbine thought it was best to address the issues with the expansion before releasing it. Good news is that the Beta NDA has been lifted so you can expect to see a lot more of the expansion in the next few days. Continue reading for details.



Riders of Rohan got delayed until mid-October

Only an hour after we posted about the latest developer post for Riders of Rohan expansion and changes to Rune-keeper class, the bad news arrived. Lord of the Rings Online's producer Kate Paiz sent a message to the press and said:

“Thanks to some great efforts from beta players, we’ve identified issues that we think need to be addressed before we can launch. In order to address those issues and meet our expectations for quality we’re going to need more time. As a result, we’ve elected to delay

our launch to October 15th.”

In order to make up for it to those who have pre-purchased the expansion, Turbine will credit their accounts with 500 Turbine Points. On the other hand, if you are also waiting to get your hands on Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft's new expansion "Mists of Pandaria", it might be the best time an expansion has been delayed. I don't know how any gamer could handle all of them at once but I am sure there are thousands of you who say "Why not"...

Later on, Turbine also announced that it has lifted the Beta NDA, meaning players who participated in the Beta can now share their thoughts.It's still something positive, isn't it!

They're not happy with this either.




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